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What does a pranic healing treatment involve?

A Pranic Healing treatment involves two people being present, yourself and the Practitioner.

At the consultation they will discuss your problem with you and help alleviate the symptoms as they are trained to treat physical and psychological ailments safely and effectively with a prescribed method.

Pranic Healing is non touch, thus treatments can be done in the same room or even remotely.

Pranic Healing is a complementary therapy and does not replace medical treatments. Pranic Healing Practitioners are not medical doctors and do not make a medical diagnosis. It is best to consult a medical doctor for a diagnosis and provide the Practitioner with this. Pranic Healing methods do not interfere with medical treatment plans, and is safe to use alongside prescribed medical treatments.

Do I have to come in for my appointment?

If you would prefer a distant healing session please let us know, this can be booked for anytime that is suitable for you. Just pick a time where you will be able to relax and be seated or lying down. 

What can Pranic Healing help with?

Pranic healing is effective in treating almost all physical ailments, from a headache to chronic illnesses, such as arthritis, cancer, and asthma to name a few.

Pranic healing also works on an emotional and psychological level, and can help with stress, anxiety depression, addictions, grief, insomnia and much more.

Pranic Healing is effective for both adults and children. 

Where can I learn more about the Pranic Healing courses?

You can find out more about the courses and book online via this link -

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